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Tripling techniques

Tripling by machine

A high-end technique to pack three tyres inside each other to reduce space of packing, the cost of transportation and it reduces the harm of transport facilities which in turn effect the environment.

Tripling by hand

This approach is much simpler than the previous one. It not only reduces the cost of transportation but also helps our environment thrive.

Quality of our tyres

We categorized our car tyres in three main qualities.

Each category has a set of important criteria that define the quality of the tyre itself.

High quality

  • Thread depth 4 mm – 8 mm
  • Tyre Quality A
  • All brands

Medium quality

  • Thread depth 2,5 mm – 5 mm
  • Tyre quality A and B
  • All brands

Low quality

  • Thread depth 1 mm – 3 mm
  • Tyre Quality B
  • All brands

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