Wholesale Used Tyres

We have been successfully wholesaling qualitative car and truck tyres
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More than 50.000 tyres in stock.

What can we do for you?

Doubling and tripling

We will pack up to three used tyres in one. This way we are able to double the amount of used tyres fitting into a container.

Export used tyres

If you wish we and our partners will help you handle the customs formalities and clearance. We will also assist you if any problems should arise.


We can help, or if you want to, even manage the whole transportation of your used tyres from our warehouse to your desired destination.


Our expierenced workers will make sure to load the maximum amount of tyres possible into a minibus, truck or container.


Tyres exported

Happy customers

Years of experience

Why choose us?

What makes us different than other used tire wholesalers?

To start with, our quality is unsurpassed, simply put, we provide the absolute best value.


We reduce environmental harm by giving tyres a second life.



We sell strictly to retailers giving us the ability to offer you exceptional.


All tyres can be inspected and tested if you request that.

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